About us

Johan Worldwide Resources is a company incorporated in Malaysia and our core business is to market the safety and security products manufactured or represented by GSS, Inc and SRT Supply.  Johan Worldwide is the official sole representative of GSS products in major parts of Asia.  GSS, Inc is a company based in Florida, USA and their diverse products are suitable for industrial, commercial, domestic, security and military applications.  SRT Supply is a company based in Florida and the company is principally involved in the distribution of military related products and equipments

Our range of Products includes:

  • Safety and security film
  • Flex Armor
  • Run Flat Tire
  • Military products or equipments

What is Glass Strengthening Systems?

Glass Strengthening Systems is a remarkably strong synthetic polymer film, GSS’s proprietary solutions, and Patented Acrylic adhesive system that when applied to your ordinary glass, can turn it into a potentially strong, super strength protective barrier.

Glass Strengthening Systems can protect against violent storms, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, smash and grab robberies, breaking and entering, while eliminating 99% of all harmful ultra-violet rays, while remaining up to 98% optically clear.

With the use of the GSS proprietary Glass Strengthening Systems a 95% bonding adhesion rating is achieved, which exceeds industry standards by between 10 to 15 % managed by competitors who use only standard films and a soap/water mix to mount their products.

Extensive studies had showed that during the chemical bonding phase more of the acrylic adhesives are absorb into the pores of the glass there by strengthening the glass itself by up to 400%.  

Safety and Security Film

Protection Levels

Flex Armor

FLEX ARMOR is a light weight vehicle armoring system that is designed to be applied to the inside or outside of the panels of any vehicle. Flex Armor can provide protection up to N.I.J III and IIIA STANDARDS.

Vehicle armor panels

Flex Armor is used to create vehicle armor panels with exceptional properties. Successful applications include spall liners and armor panels for military vehicles, police vehicles, VIP vehicles, transporters, aircraft, ships, and helicopters.

Broad anti-ballistic protection

Depending on the application and threat, Flex Armor panels can be used for protection against the following:

  • The full range of ammunition defined in European Standard EN1522-1, from commonly used handgun ammunition (e.g. Magnum bullets) to 9 mm Full Metal Jacket bullets, Military ball ammunition, including AK47 mild steel core bullets, Antitank projectiles of up to 14.5 mm (in combination with a ceramic or steel strike face),
  • Flex Armor panels offer excellent protection from multiple hits, angle shots, and spall.
  • Light weight Flex Armor panels are significantly lighter than conventional armor. The panels used in police vehicles, for instance, weigh less than 5 kg/m2.

Reliable performance, Flex Armor panels are not negatively affected by moisture or water, and are highly resistant to chemicals and UV light, as well as meeting the most commonly used standards of flame retardant (e.g. FAR 25.853, DIN 4102 class B2, FMVSS 302),

Easy to install, the slim, light and discreet Flex Armor panels require only minimal adjustments to civil and police vehicles.

Processing requirements

Flex Armor panels can be cut using standard equipment, and can be given any shape, conforming to the irregular contours of both large and small vehicles.

Flex Armor Panel1
Flex Armor Panel 2
Armor panel 3
Armor Panel 4

GSS' Proprietary Solutions

Secured Bonds

Secure Bond

Secure-Bond uses the technology of chemical bonding process to Bond our solution with the Acrylic Adhesive that are present on the films

Features of Secured Bonds

  • Secure-Bond is a All-In-One, Ready-To-Use Cleaning, Mounting, and Bond solution
  • Able to penetrate deeper into the pores of the glass through enhances the strength of the existing glass by up to 400%
  • Secure-Bond chemical bonding process also reduces normal curing times by up to 2/3

Runflat System

Runflat insert systems specially designed to maintain vehicle mobility in case of tire failure caused by violent attacks, gunfire or a plain tire flat.

These runflat systems also help prevent loss of vehicle control as result of high speed blow-outs.

The runflat supports the wheel position during a flat, maintaining vehicle mobility during braking, acceleration and handling.

Run Flat


Question:  Is your product like other "safety and security films"?

Answer: NO!, GSS' Films incorporates only the highest quality film and polyester products injunction with our Proprietary Solutions, all designed to strengthen glass and aid in glass protection by strengthening standard glass up to 400% stronger.

Question: What are GSS' Films made of  and what makes it so strong?

Answer: GSS' Films are composed of super strength clear, tinted, or reflective polyesters, and is laminated to glass with our extremely aggressive penetrating formula call "Secure-Bond" this along with the Patented Adhesives chemically bonds the film to glass.

Question: If your product (s) are installed on my glass, will it scratch easily?

Answer: No, GSS' Film are coated with a scratch-resistant silicone outer surface, so the outer layer of the film responds similar to glass and scratches like glass, and cleans with ordinary glass cleaners.

Question: Once applied to the glass, will you be able to tell that the film is on? Will there be any distortion?

Answer: No, GSS' Films are (98%) optically clear and to the invisible to the naked eye. If your glass is distortion free to begin with, then there will be no distortion once GSS' Films are applied. However, if your glass is distorted, our product will not correct this condition.

Question: Does GSS' Films come in different shades?

Answer: Yes, GSS' Films are available in a variety of shades.

Question: Is GSS' Films applied to the outside or inside of windows?

Answer: GSS' Films is normally applied to the inside of a window for protection, however our films can be put on both sides for enhanced levels of glass protection.


Question: What are typical cure times and how do they compare with GSS?

Answer: GSS' Glass Strengthening System has a normal time of 21 day or less cure rate, with 65% to 75% of the curing taking place within the first week for most of our film. 

Question: Is GSS' Films bulletproof?

Answer: No, GSS' Films is not bulletproof, but rather bullet resistant with a significant loss of velocity. Please beware of claims made otherwise, as this is a very important matter.


Testing Standards

GSS Film Products Meets or Exceeds these following Standards:

ANSI Z97 Impact Test 400 lb 8mil 1/4 inch Glass
ANSI Z97 Up Grade Anneal to Safety
ASTM 8491 Surface Burning Test
ASTM D 635 Rate of Burn
ASTM D 882 Tensile Break Properties
ASTM D 1044 and 1003 Surface Abrasion
ASTM D 1922 Tear Strength
ASTM D 1929
Toxicology: OSHA and regulatory compliance. 

These are only few of the many Standards GSS' Products Meet and Exceed.

GSS Products does not support combustion and reacts similarly to wired glass in fires in that it provides protection 10 to 13 times longer than glass without film.

GSS Products Meets the extremely tough Consumer Products Safety Committee (CPSC) Standard CFR Part 1201, Category I and II (Safety Standard for Architectural Glazing).




Glass Strengthening Systems, Inc. warrants its film to be free from defects, including change of color, peeling, bubbling, rippling, cracking, adhesive failure, delaminating, and demetallization to the original buyer in a limited life time warranty for residential and 10 years for commercial use.